[obligatory welcome post]

Oh, hi.

Oh, hi.

I’m Joe. I’m the Senior Systems Administrator at a small web design company, in Tacoma, WA, which basically means I live torn between keeping the servers that host our websites running, and finding the time to make them better. I also run the databases, and try to be the resident expert whenever complex queries are needed to extract useful reports.

I’m also a newly minted graduate student in the Masters of Information & Data Science (MIDS) program at UC Berkeley. I’ll get more into broader questions of what exactly data science “is” later, but basically it means I’ll be spending the next 20 (19 now I suppose, got a late start on the blog) months learn how to find interesting data, learn from it, analyze it, and help people make good decisions based on it.

Along the way, I know I will need more practice than just the coursework will give me, and that’s what this blog is for. I want a place gather my thoughts as a learn, and a place to talk about side projects or little problems I’m working on.

I’ll say right here that I’m not an expert. I don’t have a rich background in data analytics, like some of my classmates. I intend to be an expert, but for now these are the ramblings of a learning amateur. So if you are a data science professional looking for sophisticated analyses, or advanced tips and tricks… well, come back in a couple years.

So what will be here? Mostly I’ll try to keep things short (full time job + school + toddler = pretty full days): code snippets, quick thoughts on this or that article, concepts I want to write down to make sure I understand them, datasets I’ve found that might be worth further investigation. Once I get better with ggplot2, interesting visualizations I’ve made. Occasionally, I’ll try to do some longer case studies of data explorations and side projects.

I’ll probably start talking about baseball statistics a lot. You can ignore that if you think it’s boring. I’ve also had a long-standing, unconsummated interest in digital signal processing, so I’m sure there will be some of that once I get into time series analysis, and a little fun with data sonification.

This and that. Things and stuff. Big data, little data, what begins with data? This blog, that’s what. Enjoy!

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